Winter’s Thorn

9 Nov

Winter is creeping in. I don’t like her. O Lord, help me {because I sincerely do not like her} I know how dang-awful it is be of that mind-set. I have chirpy, yankee friends. They’ll preach to me of winter’s charm – the snow-covered hills, crystilline icicles, sledding, hot cocoa, fuzzy blankets, snow angels, anyone? All I can think about are skinny animals dyeing from starvation and the way snow looks two days after it falls – like a pile of dirty laundry on the side of the road.

Ya’ll, I’m a Southerner, from as far south as you can go before needing Spanish as a second language. I love sunshine, sweat, and aerifying myself with ‘funeral home fans.’ Really cruddy thoughts come to mind as winter approaches; the most gruesome of all: how am I gonna keep my brood occupied inside all the live long days?! 

Having said all that, however, I actually do have a soft spot for winter, because as a fitting allegory for life’s struggles, it provides teaching moments. When I am under winter’s spell, I think of the winter of the soul, and this warms my center considerably.

There are roads we take, others we are tossed on; sometimes we want to escape – still we march, tight-fisted, brazen and determined. Our surface looks depleted, yet within us new life is forming deep within the quiet darkness of our contemplative selves.

We turn the corner, nearly unrecognizable to passerby. Others underestimated us, but worst of all we underestimated ourselves. Until when…we bloomed- content to be still and perpetually at peace, not because the thorn had been removed, but because it lost that quality of vexation.

Pain is pleasure.

In the dead of winter, we shedded a few needs   – the need for comfort, assurances, safety, promises, perfection, power, position, appearances, validation, pay-backs, attachments, affiliations, perks, recognition, revenge.

We cry out, My Lord! I am well pleased; am I well pleasing? We crave no sustenance other than the answer.

May you and I be granted the winter of our imaginings and the spring of our aspirations.


3 Responses to “Winter’s Thorn”

  1. Qalballah November 10, 2012 at 5:01 am #

    Assalamu alaikum jazakillah (auto correct tried to change that to jazz kills, which I guess it could) for stopping by my blog. Enjoying yours too. A very peaceful space, and kale juice – really? Well ok….

  2. CollardGreenMuslim November 10, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    Your blog is a jewel! I want you to come to the States and redecorate my home. I’ll trade you that for some kale juice. Yes – it really is that good.


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    […] are the days of vexing thorns and longing for what can never be […]

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